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Jesus said,"I have come that men and women may have
life, and that they might have it more
(John 10:10)

Welcome to Discovering A Better Life
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We at Discovering A Better Life Ministries are honoured to introduce these beautiful and inspiring web site links that comunicate the wonderful love of Jesus, along with the Joy and Peace that He so deeply desires to share with you. We genuinely pray that you will find inspiration, hope and encouragement as you look at these sites.

The primary aim of the Discovering A BETTER LIFE web site is to make available positive messages of hope and encouragement to help men and women find joy and meaning for their lives as we empathize with their needs, hurts, and successes. Today, entire families in many cities and rural areas of our nation are obtaining very little satisfaction out of life. In fact, many with whom we counsel have difficulty in dealing with interpersonal problems. They are often anxious, depressed and sometimes anti-social, even to the point of outright hostility! Some are even suicidal. However, we are convinced that many people who are burdened by these worries can be helped to live courageous lives in an insecure and discouraging society, if only they are offered some positive encouragement.

The world we live in can sometimes be a pretty tough and cold place and it's often hard to feel safe and loved in an environment where most people fight for their own survival. Discovering a Better Life Ministries is personally committed to helping men and women live courageous lives in an increasingly insecure and discouraging world. We believe that if you know the living God in an intimate way, He can provide for you a place of comfort and safety where you can be yourself and know that you are loved as you are. God doesn't harm you, nor does He demand anything from you in order to receive His love. In fact, He is the only place where you can feel totally safe and wanted. Where you know that you count and are special - very special. We want each of you who visit our website to experience God's wonderful love. In Him you are safe - more safe than anywhere you could ever be!

The messages we share through our written articles and insipirational web links are centered in providing emotional and spiritual support on an entirely non-denominational basis. The hundreds of Letters, Phone calls, Faxes, and Emails we receive each year, clearly indicate that some special needs are being met through what we are privileged to share.

Discovering A Better Life Ministries also provides and distributes, (at no cost to you)inspirational web site links, radio broadcasts and compact disc (CD) messages, as well as printed material. We genuinely pray that the information we shall be sharing through this website will enrich your life. We welcome your comments or questions. Click here to email us.

The Discovering a Better Life web site has presented our messages into various topics and categories so that they can be easier to find. We sincerely hope you will be encouraged to discover the joy of life by the inspirational material we feel privilaged to make freely available to you.

Ron Bainbridge
Coordinator of, Discovering a Better Life Ministries

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